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Would you like to be a power player, promoting candidates in an election?  It's easy if you own a site like ElectionCountdown.us.  By purchasing ElectionCountdown.us, you can offer a voice for individuals watching the election but feeling left out of the process.  Think of the prestige in owning your own site that counts down the days before United States' elections.  You can own a piece of election history.  And you're in luck!  ElectionCountdown.us is up for sale for only $1,000,000.

The 2016 election will be an historic election in which there may be three different political parties competing for the Presidential office. Don't just watch; participate in the election.  ElectionCountdown.us has web pages built old school style. The formatting will bring back memories of websites from when the United States was the main player on the Internet scene.

In addition to the URL, the articles and content are included with the website; Images are not.  But it isn't just the site that is valuable, it's the URL that will attract visitors to the site.  But time is of the essence because the website is dedicated to United States' elections and there is a limited time to advertise to the U.S. voting population for the upcoming 2016 Presidential election.

Almost all of the TV, radio, and Internet marketing channels are being bought up, so don't hesitate to buy ElectionCountdown.us.

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Election Countdown was created to keep track of how many days are left until the 2016 presidential election. Presidential elections only occur every 4 years and they include voting for the entire United States House of Representatives for all 435 members, 34 of the 100 U.S. Senators, and 12 of the 50 State Governors will be up for reelection.  This site is owned by enlighten technologies, inc. based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Our contact information:
enlighten technologies, inc.
330 First Street S.E.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Phone: 1-800-529-5121

Our history:
In 1997, the company LAWCHEK, Ltd. was interested in searching for ways to keep in contact with executives throughout the country. One form of communication that LAWCHEK used was videoconferencing. The search for a long distance conferencing solution led to a project collaboration with US West.

A joint survey was undertaken, which targeted the legal markets. It was found that members of the legal community were spending vast amounts of time and money on:

  1. 1. Travel to and from - meetings, hearings, depositions.
    2. Communication - long distance charges, fax COSTS.
    3. Legal research - via books, online resources, and through services.

By January of 1999, enlighten technologies incorporated was formed. The dream of offering broadband convergence technology, the meshing of video, voice, fax, and data over one line, was now a reality. The public launch of the new company and the incredible videoconferencing, teleconferencing, data collaboration product took place at the ABA Techshow in March of 1999 to rave reviews. The demand was overwhelming.

Involvement in the project with 3COM, PictureTel, and Williams Communications has taken the e-SDN (enlighten Secure Data Network) product to the cutting edge of capabilities today. Courts, law firms, corporations, agencies, and associations have all seen the power of how a flat fee real-time video, phone, fax, and data service, provided via a secure network, was able to save them time and money. Travel and communication costs were reduced and people became more efficient.

It was evident that enlighten was a company for today and tomorrow. Only the tip of the iceberg had been explored. For this reason, enlighten became the parent company for the existing products and services of LAWCHEK (forms and help guides), Lawsonline (directories and legal portals), web design, web hosting, and more, all directed toward the legal market. enlighten now was able to answer the three needs of reducing travel, telecommunications, and legal research costs and was now able to offer it all through the e-SDN platform.

Today enlighten is also developing products and services for the medical, insurance, and real estate markets. enlighten is your technology partner for real world solutions.


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